George Hastwell School

Curriculum Pathway Overview

George Hastwell School’s Curriculum is arranged into five pathways.  These are Pre-formal Pathway, The MSI Pathway, The Informal Pathway, The Semi-formal Pathway and Formal Pathway. Each of these Pathways has its own distinct overarching pedagogical (teaching and learning) approach that begins to meet the collective needs of the pupils within that pathway which is then personalised to a higher degree to meet the specific needs of individual pupils.

Each curriculum pathway is designed to have a defined approach in terms of its provision that extends to the curriculum areas taught, underlying pedagogy and recommended developmental frameworks. Each pathway works towards specific but broad outcomes that underpin and form the foundation of the learners individualised needs.

Within the context of the Pathways approach, all pupils are then planned for and taught in a highly personalised way, by using developmental Personalised Learning Plans.  These correspond directly with the pupils' EHCP and follows a mapped two-year cycle of implementation.


completed curriculum map 2023 2025.pdf