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Move is an inspiring and motivating programme which can significantly benefit our pupil’s and their family’s lives. MOVE is a pupil-centered approach that develops independent functional mobility through a six step programme which teaches the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring. Each pupil involved in MOVE will be given their own personalised MOVE passport, with specific targets to enhance their functional mobility.


These are the 6 steps that will be documented in a pupil’s individual ‘Move Passport.’

  • Step 1 - Assessment– Where is the individual now?
  • Step 2 - Goal Setting– Where does he/she want to get to?
  • Step 3 - Task Analysis– What skills are needed to get there?
  • Step 4 - Prompt Measurement– What support is currently required?
  • Step 5 - Prompt Adjustment– What support will be needed to achieve the goal?
  • Step 6 - Teaching the Skills– How do you ensure the individual reaches their goal?

MOVE brings together the pupil, family and professionals to work in collaboration towards common goals, with the pupil and family at the centre of the work.

For more details on MOVE please email:

The MOVE Coordinator at GHS is Kevin Fothergill.

We like to MOVE it!