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Kittiwake Classroom

Miss Carr

Class teacher: Miss Carr

About Kittiwake

Kittiwake follows a semi - formal curriculum which includes lots of practical activities and learning opportunities, time for regulation and motivation and opportunities to prepare ourselves for life. 

From KS4 through into Post 16, pupils follow The EQUALS Moving On curriculum, which is structured in five, one-year programmes; Adventurer, Explorer, Traveller, Voyager and Globetrotter.

These curriculum specifications form a comprehensive package appropriate to the needs of young people aged 14+ and adults with learning difficulties. They comprise a breadth of relevant and stimulating learning opportunities, which can be used to address students’ individual objectives and prepare young people for adult life.

Courses of Study include World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Skills as well as Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT.  The Moving On curriculum also offers a breadth of experience within which the pupil's Personal Learning Targets can be met.

Kittiwake Autumn term


Kittiwake Spring Term