George Hastwell School

Signing Choir

At George Hastwell we have an enthusiastic signing choir who meet weekly after school. As a school we believe in a Total Communication approach therefore our songs are signed using Makaton. Singing is a great opportunity to learn new words and we use Makaton signs to encourage both understanding and expression. 

We use popular songs and give the pupils opportunities to choose songs that they would like to learn. The pupils love learning the signs and singing to their favourite songs while also giving the pupils the opportunity to develop positive relationships and socialise with pupils across school. 

The signing choir has been really successful over the past few years and we have performed on many occasions, including: 

  • The Forum 28 (Barrow Bid Finalists!) 
  • St. Mary’s Church 
  • St. Columbus Church 
  • Local primary schools 
  • Festivals, including our very own Hastonbury Festival 
  • Risedale Nursing Home 
  • As well as numerous times at George Hastwell school events and whole school assemblies 

Here are some photographs of us performing at various events in front of appreciative audiences! 

Signing Choir